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Why TeachOnline?


Get exposure to thousands of potential students around the globe


Get hassle free and timely payments


Teach at the comfort of your home at convenient times


Ask your own price


Gather good reviews by picking topics you are confident about

Beyond Academics

Teach guitar, singing, cookery, astrology, yoga, art, acting, public speaking, dance, gaming, digital communication & just about anything

Are You Eligible?

At SMT, we encourage young teachers and students to be teachers so they can earn a side income and hone their skills. If you are passionate about and expert at something, you are eligible.

No formal educational
qualification required

You just need to provide high school passing certificate

Good command
on English

Grades in English Standard 12th or IELTS results must be uploaded as a proof

Identity proof

You need to upload your Photo and an ID as an identity proof

A Computer device

You need to own a laptop or a computer with applications like zoom, skype, google hangout, and recording software


Though headphones or microphone is optional, it’s better if you own them

Bank account

You will need to submit your Bank Account details to receive payments

What Happens Once You Are Logged In?

Students come on SMT and broadcast their queries

The queries related to your subject will be visible on your “Students Requirement” section

You can reply directly to the student to understand their requirements and discuss the price and date of lesson

How to Become a Teacher