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No Fixed Teachers or Courses

Step 1

Pick the niche topic that you wish to learn by freelancers on SMT.

Step 2

Search for potential teachers on your own.

Step 3

Refine your search by entering your query in the subject you selected.

Step 4

Your query will be broadcasted to all teachers of that subject.

Step 5

The teachers willing to teach you that query will contact you directly via Messages.

Step 6

Teachers charge their own prices. You can coordinate with time and fees via Messages.

Step 7

Pay for your class

Step 8

Learn online through spot my teacher

Step 9

Rate your lesson

Step 10

Teacher is paid only after the class.

In case of CMC (Clear My Concept )

Wanted a teacher to look after you throughout your exam period?
Here is a groundbreaking solution to say goodbye to exam fever.

Clear my concept - A chat based lesson, in which a you appoint a teacher for a set of days (for
example-10 days) for those ten days you can do your self-study and ask your doubts that
you come up with via chat.

Step 1
Enroll with CMC lesson

Step 2
The chat window opens in CMC section that is active from the dates you set the class from teacher.

Step 3
Ask your everyday queries on the chat.

Step 4
The teacher will reply within 12 hours.