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Privacy Policy

Alpha Kraft which is a Limited Liability Partnership having its registered office at B-263 Mangolpuri Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi-110083 (hereinafter referred to as “SpotmyTeacher” or “We” or “Our“) respects and understands Your rights regarding Your privacy for the information which You provide to Spotmyteacher for using the Services. We, hereby and hereto provide this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy“) to help You understand and also to inform You how We collect, use, share, store and disclose information We obtain from or about You when You use the Services. You hereby agree and understand that this Privacy Policy applies to You when You use Our Services, unless otherwise mentioned.

Please note that all capitalized terms which have been used in this Privacy Policy and which are not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning which has been defined in the Terms of Use of Spotmyteacher.


Please do not use the Services if You do not agree with this Privacy Policy, Our Terms of Use and any other agreement or policy that governs Your use of the Services.

Please note that We reserve the right to update and amend this Privacy Policy. We are under no obligation to inform the Users about the changes, if any, made to this Privacy Policy. The Users hereby agree to keep themselves updated about the amendments made in this Privacy Policy. Their continues use of the Services will imply that they agree to Our amended version of this Privacy Policy.

Singular and Plural:

Words used in this Agreement in the singular shall be deemed to include the plural and vice versa. The definitions of any words in the singular shall extend to such words when used in the plural sense and vice versa.

Gender Neutral:

Any pronoun used in this Agreement in the masculine gender shall be considered as including the feminine gender.


  1. You hereby understand and agree that We are not responsible for how the publicly available information is used by the others or any third party including those who have access to the Services.
  2. You will be required to provide Spotmyteacher with basic information while registering to use the Services. The details of the information which You will be obliged to provide will be mentioned in the registration form available on the website of Spotmyteacher. Also, it will be mandatory for You to upload a clear, legible and valid scanned copy of the Aadhaar card or Driving Licence or any other valid Government identity card (in case the Teachers/ Students are not from India) on the concerned website of SpotmyTeacher.
  3. We may collect and store information including but not limited to, notes, study materials, messages, photos, Submitted Content, files, personal data, profiles, photographs which may be publicly available or viewable by others. You hereby grant Spotmyteacher a non-exclusive right and license to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, offer, market and otherwise use and exploit such information.


In order to receive payments from Spotmyteacher, You will be required to provide certain “Payment Related Information” including but not limited to Your name, credit/debit card information, bank account details etc to Our payment processing partners. Such Payment Related Information is collected, used, and disclosed by Our payment processing partners as per their own privacy policies, terms and other agreements and We have no control over them. It is strongly advised by Spotmyteacher that You should review the privacy policies, terms, and other agreements of Our payment processing partners before sharing any Payment Related Information. As of now We are using the services provided by Paypal for Our payments to the Teachers.

Information We Gather Through Your Third Party Platform:

Please note that the Services may contain third party links or may permit You to Use the Services through Third Party Platforms. You hereby agree and understand that Your information may be collected and used as per the privacy policy and other relevant policies/terms/agreements etc. of third party links and Third Party Platforms in case You Use the Services through or by means of any third party links or Third Party Platforms, including but not limited to any mobile phone or any such device connected to the Internet. It is strongly recommended by Spotmyteacher that before making Use of such third party links or Third Party Platforms, You must read their privacy policies, terms, agreements etc.

Please also note that in case You Use the Services through Third Party Platforms, You hereby permit Spotmyteacher to gather, collect and use information which You have provided to Third Party Platform.

Communications Relating to Support Requests, Violation, Potential Abuse etc:

Spotmyteacher reserves the right to collect, store and use any information which You provide or any such information which We may ask You to provide in case You contact us for any support services, assistance, to seek any information about Spotmyteacher, to report a problem, or difficulty or to notify Spotmyteacher regarding any violation of Intellectual Property Rights or for any other purpose whatsoever, including the event wherein You contact Spotmyteacher even before creating the Account or using the Services.

Information Collected Through Automated Means:

Please note that when You access or use the Services We may collect certain information by automated means. This information may include without limitation: (a) technical information about the computer which You are using or information relating to the Wireless Device You are using, such as IP address, information relating to operating system, browser, browser language, domain and other such information and (b) information relating to the usage of the Services which includes without limitation time spent using the Services, pages visited, searches made, and other information regarding Your use of the Services.

The information mentioned in the preceding paragraph of this particular section is collected through the use of various tracking technologies. We make use of the (i) cookies and (ii) web beacons.

For more detailed information regarding how We use cookies and other technology, please see Our ” Cookies Policy” available on

Geolocation Information: IP addresses which We receive from Your browser or device may be used to determine Your approximate location, such as the city, state and/or country associated with an IP address.


Spotmyteacher uses the services of Google Analytics. These services use technologies like cookies to gather certain technical and usage related information about You. The information thus gathered enables Spotmyteacher to analyze the way You use the Services and in turn helps Spotmyteacher to bring about improvements and corrections in the Services. To illustrate by way of example, it keeps track of how often You visit the website of Spotmyteacher, notes when You arrive at Our website by using the third-party link, tracks Your downloadings etc. The information thus collected is disclosed to or collected directly by Google Analytics.

Information Sharing:

(i) For Teachers :

Teachers have to upload their clear and recent photograph and provide their introduction in few words (the word limit will be mentioned in the space provided). Following information must be shared by the Teachers which the Students will be able to see after they log in into their Account. They are as follows:

  • (a) Name
  • (b) Subjects which she intends to teach
  • (c) Years of experience
  • (d) Price per subject per hour
  • (e) Educational qualifications
  • (f) Verified button(verified or not)
  • (g) and message option

Students will also be able to see the ratings of the Teachers given by other Students and will also be able to send messages to the Teachers using the message option available on the website of Spotmyteacher. In case the Teacher is on vacation, this will be shown to the Student.

(ii) For Students:

Students are required to share the following information which the Teachers will be able to view when they log in into their Account. The list of information required to be shared by the Students is as follows:

  • (a) Name
  • (b) Age
  • (c) Gender
  • (d) Country of residence or the country from where the Student is using the website
  • (e) Ratings of the Student given by the Teachers
  • (f) Educational information

We hereby inform both the Teachers and the Students that the conversation which takes place between the Teacher and the Student using the video portal of Spotmyteacher may be saved for future reference and use by spotmyteacher, especially in the case of CMC.

(iii) Third party business partners, service providers, contractors or agents:

We share certain information with third party which provides services to Spotmyteacher including but not limited to for payment processes, customer services and any other support services.

(iv) With other users of Spotmyteacher:

The profile of the Teachers will be available on the website of Spotmyteacher. Anyone desirous of accessing the Services of Spotmyteacher will be able to view the Teacher’s profile.

(v) With Law Enforcement Agencies and to comply with legal obligations

We may disclose Your information to third parties, if the information is:

  • a. permitted to be shared or required by law;
  • b. requested for or in connection with a judicial, governmental or legal inquiry, investigation, order, or proceeding;
  • c. reasonably necessary to enforce Our Teacher’s Agreement, Student’s Agreement, this Privacy Policy, or any other legal agreements;
  • d. required to detect, prevent, any fraud, abuse, misuse, or potential violations of law (or rule/regulation), and/or security or technical issues;
  • e. required to protect against imminent harm to the rights, property or safety of Spotmyteacher, Our employees, Our Services.
  • f. we reserve the right to disclose information about You to Our auditors or legal advisors/representatives.

(vi) With Your Permission

We may share information with Your consent to third parties not within scope of this Privacy Policy.

What We Do With Your Information:

We may use the information which We collect from Our users for the following purposes:

  • To make the Use of the Services easy, hassle-free, smooth and effortless. Also, to improve and develop the Services and its features as per Your needs and requirements;
  • Communicate and interact with You for any purpose whatsoever;
  • Communicate with other users;
  • Manage Your Account;
  • Advertise/ promote the Services and the business;
  • Solicit feedback from Users.