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Why SMT?

You’ve got a question. We’ve got a solution.

With our strong network of teachers, SMT is your only stop for everything you want to learn. Academics and hobbies alike, we want students like you to get access to mentors from across the world and get an international exposure to learn what you want to learn.

Real-Time Online Classes

Just find a tutor that suits you best, chalk out a schedule, and start learning from the comfort of your home.

We realize the importance of personal touch when it comes to education. Recorded lessons do not allow you that personal touch as compared to the live face to face conversations of a classroom like yesteryears. SMT aims to offer just that- An interactive live class with the benefit of freedom that an online platform offers. We believe that the efficiency of live teaching cannot be overruled by one way delivery of classes. Through SMT, teachers and students connect with each other and learn from their mutually agreed upon time via video calling services available at our platform.

Clear My Concept

It is a unique concept started by SMT that aims to overcome every student’s fear before examination. Often, weeks and days before exams, you study rigorously and come up with new doubts every few hours. Would a private tuition for few hours suit your needs? Most likely, NO, because your questions are unlimited, but the hours of tuition are fixed.

Clear my concept is a breakthrough solution that allows students to find a teacher for a particular number of days. Your queries are answered on a chat window. You can ask your questions to the teacher anytime during this contract and the teacher is bound to reply within 12 hours. Prices are fixed at 1.95 USD per teacher per day.This is a win-win solution for all students who need to clear their queries while self-studying.

Saves money and time!

No Monthly Rentals

And Free sign up. Yes, you pay only for what you learn because SMT does not charge any sign up or subscription cost.

SMT is free to use and there are no fixed costs associated with the usage of our platform. You are free to sign up and browse around thousands of teachers and experts from all across the globe. You only pay to learn from teachers that fit your criteria. You can connect with various teachers for areas of your interest and discuss your requirements along with your schedule. Only if you find a teacher from whom you have mutually agreed to learn, you pay the charges of the teacher. In a nutshell, you pay for what you learn.

Secure Payment

With our secure payment gateway, SMT allows hassle-free secure payments. With SMT, you can forget about the payment hurdles and focus on the core objective of quality education.

Our trusted payment gateways make sure that neither the teacher nor the student is concerned about the secure transfer of payment. We believe that nothing should become an obstacle to quality education and that is why we have collaborated with industry’s leading payment platforms.

Other Notable Features

Broadcast a query button on homepage

Got specific learning demands? We have got you covered. Through Find me a tutor (FMT) button on our website, you can put the exact topics from the subjects you want to learn and we will find you a tutor who is interested and skilled at teaching what you seek to learn.

We understand that not all Mathematics teachers would be perfect for teaching Geometry and likewise for other subjects. Browsing through thousands of teachers of a subject might get overwhelming if you are looking for specific learnings. SMT simplifies finding a tutor through the FMT button. We send your query to all the teachers of the subject you are referring to and teachers interested and skilled at your topic will get in touch with you. You can take the conversation further through your own dashboard.

Who are the Teachers at SMT?

Variety: At SMT, we offer exposure to a large variety of teachers to help students to come out of the box and explore teachers from different countries around the globe.

Quality: We make sure that we enroll only genuine teachers. Not everyone gets through the enrollment process because we have multiple levels of filters to ensure that only the best and most skilled teachers make it to SMT.

Young Teachers: We encourage young teachers because in this highly globalized educational environment, the latest happenings and curriculum is of utmost importance. We want our students to get exposure to the latest and the best. Moreover, with young teachers, communication and understanding becomes easier.